Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday (twitter)night

Yet another long due update.... I am NOT good at this... :P

Have had a good chat with my tweeps today.Followed some more peeps and got followed by some more peeps :) Just a normal friday in Twitterville.

Tomorrow should be a good day. Will be picked up early by @SvenLinnquist and and we will head of on our mini roadtrip to Haugesund, just north of Stavanger. It'll be a short ferry trip too, so hoping the wind will calm down.... I see a wave and I get sea sick.... NOT great....

Hope to find a car for Sven and then head back home. We will make a little stop to check out some scuba diving gear too. I hope the dry suit will fit me as it is the hardest to find fitting my M size hight and L size ehm.... middle bits.... If it fits the warm tropical waters of the South Western Norway will have the pleasure of my company really soon:)

After our, hopefully successful purchases, we will head of to our good friend and colleague Rigmor for dinner&drinks :)

Gonna be a great day!!