Monday, February 6, 2012

Haukeliseter (haukeliseter) on Twitter

Haukeliseter (haukeliseter) on Twitter:

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Christmas in the mountains

I'm like.... almost 2 months behind with this"update"...but thought I'd post it anyway :)

As I am a part time single parent, I have my two girls every other week. Thus we ( ex and me ) split the holidays between us too. And this year me and the kids went up to Haukeliseter Fjellstue to celebrate our Christmas.
Was a little unsure how this whole holiday would play out, but listening to others and reading about the place made me think this would be the thing to do. Activity plan set up by the staff looked child friendly enough and since the girls never really have had the true norwegian-mountains-in-the-winter experience, I thought, yeah...go for it :) And what a hit!

Arriving just after 16:00, we found our home for the next 4 days (3 pics below are from

Loved the room, very basic, no water or shower and no sink, but with mini stove.
After all, we where just going to sleep there. Most of the day was to be spent either outside or in the main house with the reception, restaurant:

and this:

The girls had a ginger bread making session with the activity leader and I had a glass of splendid red wine, aaaaaaaaahhhhh :))

Next day another family arrived with two girls sameish age as mine so the ground was set :D Christmas was defo saved. There was a single dad with his two sons, there was an adult daughter with her mum, there was an older couple and there was a pack of other really great peeps there, different ages and different sizes and shapes. AND there was this great family who was there for their 7th Christmas on the trot! 3 sons ages from 10 to 16...which means the youngest one doesn't really know any other way of celebrating Christmas :D They have made this their Christmas tradition and since the girls said: CAN WE COME BACK NEXT YEAR MUMMY? I guess it's gonna be ours too :D

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Great day @ Hellestø Beach

I love coming here, my children loves coming here, my dog loves coming here... We find the peace and relaxation we need here. Today we had yet another fab couple of hours here...

The scenery is fantastic with the North Sea rolling onto the long beach with the fine, white sand. You'd think you were somewhere far more "exotic" ( you realize you're not once you dip your feet into the water :P ) I love it anyway....

Google+ entered my life....

Now that my profile in Google+ is up and running... I wonder if it's going to take over my FB activities... Twitter has already partially dragged me away from FB, but I do think I will be active on all 3. FB cause I got friends/family/aquaintenses who as yet can't be arsed to get into something new, Twitter mostly because, well that's where I find my #lfcfamily :) and Google+ because it's new and I got something to play around with after kids gone bed :P

It's exciting and fascinating, so future for me there is for now looking pretty bright :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

LFC Bloggers

A great initiative has been made by @RedWill83 to gather all LFC blogg loving fans on to one page so we can easily find each other:

Get in there and give each other support #lfcfamily :)


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Out of the closet....

Today Glen Hysen's son,Anton Hysen, came "out of the closet". He is now the first swedish footballer who has come out openly as gay. It takes a strong person, with a strong and loving family to do this in a still very macho orientated world of sports.

We had a norwegian male handball player "outing" himself to his teammates and the rest of Norway as being gay. He has since said he regrets making it public, mainly because of the strain and stress it all caused. That is the unfortunate world of male sports. In womens football and handball, at least here in Norway, being gay/lesbian is not an issue. It has not been an issue for many years thankfully. It is widely excepted within the two communities and not a "biggie" outside of it either.

I can only salute his decission and braveness. Hopefully this will not hinder his future career as a footballer. We can only hope.... And hopefully some day we will not have to even consider the need to "come out of ANY closet".

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Clinch of the Scums

Well,as some one pointed out earlier on Twitter: EFC lose, MUFC lose, Vidic suspended, Carlsberg don't do tuesdays,but if they did......

I still crinch seeing "nonames" in blue, seems like I'm having problems getting over him like many of my fellow reds.... but, we will get there...soon. I actually was secretly hoping he would score just to piss of the mancs, but it would have been with mixed emotions. Guess it's like any other true relationships. When they end, you kinda wish them all the best and happiness in the world,but then... you really just want all the plagues known to mankind upon them.

The other satisfactory bit with the game today was that referee Martin Atkinson stayed true to his ways by handing out red cards and giving penalties. Well at least one of each.

This was a funny one on Twitter today:

BREAKING NEWS - The F.A have issued a warning to referee Martin Atkinson after he didn't allow Man United to win against Chelsea tonight. <<<< looooool:D

Now we just are looking forward to sunday.I'm going to try and get myself to the Sportscafé in Stavanger and join all the LFC supporters in town to see us put up a great game against the red scums.

Now it's time for bed.Eyelids heading south...