Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Blues.....

Got the monday blues..... feeling like ... well not great.... heads banging and generaly bit of a downer...
Oh well, guess it'll be alright in the end :) all things happen for a reason and it's how you deal with it that matters :P
Havin a cheesecake and coffee now ( nauuuughty...)...half an hour left at work :D
Home to see MOTD I dl yesterday :D

Super Sunday!

A fantastic sunday almost over. LFC won with two signmark Torres goals. I was bouncing on my couch :D It was great. May his armband ALWAYS prove he is a red!
Lucas Leiva for me handed in his best shift of his Liverpool career, hats of for him. I admire people like him, he's been so trashed and critisized and often it's all been well deserved, but he never moans, he just put his head down and kept working at it. And it's now starting to pay of. Good on him!!
I also had a twit earlier where I said something like : Hail Pepe( for one of his fever saves..) and someone twitted back wondering if I just got hailed on... loooool... I still havent checked if my grammar was correct :P cant be bothered... :)
Didnt get to go into Stavanger today either, but maybe next weekend the girls are with there dad I will do the journey. Should be the home game against West Ham.
My Norwegian team Vålerenga Fotball got there silver medals today after a win over Tromsø IL... was theirs some rounds ago, but the medals got handed over an old teammate of mine Hege Jørgensen, who I recently found out is now working for NFF ( Norwegian Football Federation ) Nice work! Girl Power!! heheh...
Tomorrow it's back to business...been of for a week, so it's back to work.

Well sunday has turned into monday so it's of to bed.

Ciao! YNWA:D

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Guillaume Nery base jumping at Dean's Blue Hole, filmed on breath hold b...


Writing this in english for some reason... hmm.... not very good at keeping this blog updated. Maybe have a go again :) Now that is's like 03:30 (GMT+1)So nothing lenghty.... :P
Looking forward for the big match LFC v Chelsea later. Considering taking the train to Stavanger and watch the game there. I actually fancy us giving it a good go tomorrow( well...later today...) and win. May the spirit of our Captain (finally!!)from the Napoli game rub of on everyone else in the squad!
I might have to keep my promise to my youngest daughter though first.... Apparantly I promised to take her to see Sammy... a little turtle that looks like one of little turtles from the Nemo movie...apart from it not being Pixar doing this one..I think....

Time for bed..