Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Clinch of the Scums

Well,as some one pointed out earlier on Twitter: EFC lose, MUFC lose, Vidic suspended, Carlsberg don't do tuesdays,but if they did......

I still crinch seeing "nonames" in blue, seems like I'm having problems getting over him like many of my fellow reds.... but, we will get there...soon. I actually was secretly hoping he would score just to piss of the mancs, but it would have been with mixed emotions. Guess it's like any other true relationships. When they end, you kinda wish them all the best and happiness in the world,but then... you really just want all the plagues known to mankind upon them.

The other satisfactory bit with the game today was that referee Martin Atkinson stayed true to his ways by handing out red cards and giving penalties. Well at least one of each.

This was a funny one on Twitter today:

BREAKING NEWS - The F.A have issued a warning to referee Martin Atkinson after he didn't allow Man United to win against Chelsea tonight. <<<< looooool:D

Now we just are looking forward to sunday.I'm going to try and get myself to the Sportscafé in Stavanger and join all the LFC supporters in town to see us put up a great game against the red scums.

Now it's time for bed.Eyelids heading south...

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