Thursday, March 10, 2011

Out of the closet....

Today Glen Hysen's son,Anton Hysen, came "out of the closet". He is now the first swedish footballer who has come out openly as gay. It takes a strong person, with a strong and loving family to do this in a still very macho orientated world of sports.

We had a norwegian male handball player "outing" himself to his teammates and the rest of Norway as being gay. He has since said he regrets making it public, mainly because of the strain and stress it all caused. That is the unfortunate world of male sports. In womens football and handball, at least here in Norway, being gay/lesbian is not an issue. It has not been an issue for many years thankfully. It is widely excepted within the two communities and not a "biggie" outside of it either.

I can only salute his decission and braveness. Hopefully this will not hinder his future career as a footballer. We can only hope.... And hopefully some day we will not have to even consider the need to "come out of ANY closet".

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