Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Great day @ Hellestø Beach

I love coming here, my children loves coming here, my dog loves coming here... We find the peace and relaxation we need here. Today we had yet another fab couple of hours here...

The scenery is fantastic with the North Sea rolling onto the long beach with the fine, white sand. You'd think you were somewhere far more "exotic" ( you realize you're not once you dip your feet into the water :P ) I love it anyway....


    Look what they do.
    They put dogs on a beach in the sand to represent NEWFOUNDLAND?
    And they're in the " sun"?
    Are we supposed to say..." awwwww" , or are we supposed to say
    " ass fucked...by blonde...." ?
    DASSAULT can maybe help you our with , perhaps, LESLIE CARON.

  2. LOOOOOOL!! random rant! hehehhehhe... too amusing to delete( for now anyway :))